A Passionate Marketer, Speaker, and Trainer

A Passionate Marketer, Speaker, and Trainer

Darcy has spent the last 10 years creating some of the most successful product launches and marketing systems in the direct response and information marketing world that have gained national attention, earned Accolades, and increased revenue by millions of dollars while reducing time to purchase. She has negotiated vendor contracts and joint ventures, created marketing plans and managed marketing budgets in excess of $100,000 per month, and developed and refined marketing systems for building quality leads and new business that decrease the cost per lead while increasing transactional volume that immediately adds significant income to the bottom line.

A passion for automation, she helps entrepreneurs implement programs and solutions for saving time while increasing profits and reducing overhead through her step-by-step strategies for creating their own success.


In her spare time, Darcy is an accomplished potter (click here to see more)