Automation... Just means you don't have to do it picture

Quick and Easy Banners … For Those That Don’t Use PhotoShop

It seems that everytime I ask for a quick and easy way to make a banner to use on my blog, in a facebook post or on a website…. the answer I always get is to use photoshop.

I like to think that I am pretty smart, I have figured out how to put up this wordpress website and blog; I know enough about programming to make myself dangerous; I can build out entire automated marketing campaigns; and drive in millions in marketing and sales.  But for some reason… I just can’t seem to get Photoshop.

Maybe it’s something about all the layers, but each layer seems to only confuse me more 🙁

And then, I ran into and now, I am adding cool looking graphics to all my blog posts quickly and easily

Automation... Just means you don't have to do it pictureThis took all of 2 seconds to create, another 30 seconds to download and then 5 seconds to upload and Viola!

This is my new found favorite site!  And for those of us that are a little graphically challenged, they provide templates in all the popular sizes (facebook post, blog post, facebook cover, etc)….  And the best part, many of their designs are free and those that aren’t only cost a dollar or 2.

This wasn’t meant to be a commercial … only a place to share my new favorite toy.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do