Darcy is a passionate and motivating speaker, an expert in Direct Response Marketing and Automation. She is widely acclaimed for her ability to take complex ideas and make them simple, easy, and automated.

Her practical strategies leave the audience with powerful tools they can put to use immediately – giving them the necessary resources to grow their businesses.

Topics include

  • Anatomy of Small Businesses
  • A Marketers Mindset
  • 7 Fast and Easy to Implement Ideas to Grow Your Small Business
  • Secret Money-Making Funnels
  • How To Use Creating Marketing to Easily Attract New Clients
  • No BS Marketing to Actually Gets Results
  • The Insider’s Secrets to Generating a Flood of New Clients
  • Mapping Your Business for Success
  • Uncovering the Secret Wealth that Lies In Your Current Business

Audiences Include

  • Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
  • AWAI bootcamp
  • Infusioncon
  • The Team Training Institute
  • Dentist Profits


Darcy was a guest speaker for the Small Business Online Summit.  You can listen here